The antique town of Ravello was founded by the Romans in the VI century AD. The name descents from the word “Rebellum”, referring to the rebellion of the nobility of Amalfi against the authority of the Duke of Amalfi.

Via San Giovanni del Toro represents the beating heart of Ravello. This is the place where once the Roman patricians lived who became rich with their trade and who build right here their impressive villas. This ancient Roman road today is a most picturesque road and in this extraordinary landscape an impressive wrought iron gate will bring you to Villa Fraulo.

This antique residence is certified by ecclesiastics archives and according to those …”Near Palazzo Vescovile you find the antique building of Casa Cortese, of large dimensions and older than 300 years. With marble columns and windows notched with admirable maestry…”

In the year 1908 the property was bought by the nobleman Pantaleone Fraulo. He completely refurbished the Villa into liberty style and he lived here with his family till the end of the second World War.

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