The Hotel "Villa Fraulo" and the "Minori Palace", which give life to the "Divina Hotels Collection" group, are the result of the will of the lawyers Matteo, Alessandro and Luigi Di Lieto to continue and give greater prestige to luxury hospitality, which was the family tradition.

The "Villa Fraulo" formerly a noble family Villa, whose history has its roots in the late Middle Ages, is in Ravello in Via San Giovanni del Toro, a street overlooked by all the patrician palaces.

The “Minori Palace” formerly the “Bristol” Hotel was for forty years the driving force of tourism in Minori, giving way to the international tourism of this charming coastal town.

The Minori Palace is also equipped with an independent residence of about 100 square meters, which can accommodate up to 6 people and can take advantage of all the hotel services, namely parking, breakfast and dinner. The synergy of all the facilities allows the guest to enjoy all the attractions of the coast and the magical atmosphere of Ravello.